Tent Rentals

The following size tents are offered.  Please call for rates.  Tents do not come with sides, those are an additional fee.

10×10 (Frame Tent or EZ Up)
15×15 (Pole Tent)
20×20 (Frame Tent)
20×30 (Pole Tent)
20×40 (Frame Tent)
30×30 (Pole Tent)
30×45 (Pole Tent)
30×60 (Pole Tent)
30×75 (Pole Tent)
40×40 (Available in Pole or Frame)
40×60 (Available in Pole or Frame)
40×80 (Available in Pole or Frame)
40×100 (Available in Pole or Frame)
40×120 (Pole Tent Only)

Tables, Serpentine


4′ Serpentine Table. Can be used individually, or multiple tables together. Commonly used for a bartending station or banquet food tables.

Day Rate: $9
Event Rate: $9

Event Rate is for a 3-4 day rental